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Outcomes in Different Residential Settings for People With Intellectual Disability: A Systematic Review

QOL-domain(s): Social Inclusion
System(s) of support: Dignity and Respect
Target Group(s): Intellectual Disability
Age Group(s): Adults

Article summary

Large-scale reviews of research in deinstitutionalization and community living were last conducted about 10 years ago. Here we surveyed research from 1997 to 2007. Articles were included if the researchers based the study on original research, provided information on the participants and methodology, compared residential arrangements for adults with intellectual disability, and were published in English-language peer-reviewed journals. Sixtyeight articles were found. In 7 of 10 domains, the majority of studies show that community-based services are superior to congregate arrangements. These studies provide more evidence of the benefits of deinstitutionalization and community living and continue to indicate variability in results, suggesting that factors other than the basic model of care are important in determining outcomes.

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