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Identifying Good Group Homes: Qualitative Indicators Using a Quality of Life Framework

QOL-domain(s): Social Inclusion
System(s) of support: Dignity and Respect
Target Group(s): Intellectual Disability
Age Group(s): Adults

Article summary

Despite change toward more individualized support, group homes are likely to remain for people with severe intellectual disability. As such, the search continues for ways to determine and maintain the quality of these settings. This article draws on in-depth qualitative analysis of participant observations conducted over 9-12 months in seven group homes for 21 people with a severe and profound level of intellectual disability. It explores the conceptualization of good outcomes and support for this group in terms of their quality of life and staff practices. The qualitative indicators of good outcomes for this group using quality of life domains can be used by auditors, community visitors, funders, advocates, or family members to guide observation and judgements about group homes.

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